SnoMaster ICE-2032 2L Ice Cream Maker



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Snomaster Ice cream maker

– Fully automatic ice cream maker with built-in 180watt compressor.
2L ice cream can be made within 60min and no pre-freezing is needed.
– Creative built-in mixing system makes it easier for operation and more compact.
– Cooling range -18 -35.
– LCD display indicates you the inside temperature and remaining making time.
– 3 working modes for option, including: [ICE CREAM] [COOLING ONLY] and [MIXING ONLY].
– Default working time to [ICE CREAM] [COOLING ONLY] and [MIXING ONLY] is 60min, 30min, 10min, respectively.
– Elegant, solid stainless-steel design.
– Non-stick coating removable bowl, easy for cleaning.
– Refill inlet allows you to add your favourite nuts and fruits freely during working.
– Can also be used to make gelato, sorbet, sherbet, frozen yogurt and etc.

What’s in the box
1 x Ice Cream Maker
1 x Ice Cream Container/Measuring Cup & Stirrer
1 x Ice Cream Scoop
1 x Lid
Various Recipes

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